Seoul, Korea: Roi Guesthouse & Myeongdong

Thanks to Air Asia and my friend’s superb writing skills, Zaya was able to score complimentary tickets to Seoul, Korea through their promo!


Because Seoul is known for being a great shopping destination, especially when it comes to cosmetics, she felt she made the right choice of bringing Shyla and I. The three of us met back in college when we danced for the same team, and had been close since then. Lately, we haven’t had enough quality time spent together, due to busy schedules, so this trip was a perfect opportunity for us to reconnect and become Seoulmates!

Day 1- Arrival at Roi Guesthouse & Myeongdong

Day 1- Arrival at Roi Guesthouse & Myeongdong

Merely a ten-minute walk away from the train (Hongik University Station), which we took directly from the airport, this humble 4-story guesthouse resonates the feeling of being at home.


Thanks to this man Simon and his family, it was easy for us ladies to stay comfortable and secure. From the minute Ravong lugged our heavy strollers up to our room on the third floor to the moment Simon drove us to the station for our flight departure, we knew we had chosen the perfect place. To think it’s such an affordable accommodation, well within a town full of university students, but far enough from the center for peaceful and quiet nights.

Screen shot 2014-10-09 at 6.41.08 PM

After decidng to postpone our trip to N Seoul Tower due to nightfall fast approaching, we rushed to Seoul’s renowned shopping district, Myeongdong.


The streets were lined with popular Korean cosmetic brands, some I had been familiar with, while most I had only seen for the first time. No wonder I received requests from home to bing back Green Tea Seed Serum from Innisfree: all ingredients are natural and come from Jeju Island, plus Innisfree only has branches in Korea (as far as I know). Too bad it’s so in demand that the product had been sold out in all branches!

After scouting around the whole area, with ideas on what we should buy, we knew we just had to come back the next day to make our purchases! Because most of the products had fine print in Korean about their ingredients, we decided to look up these products first before buying them. So if you’re dropping by Myeongdong and you only have one day allotted for it, it’s probably best that you rent a wifi egg from your hotel, so you could easily look for reviews about certain products that you encounter.



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