NEW YORK: Upper East, Chelsea, Brooklyn

On my third day, the weather dropped a little below zero in celsius, the coldest I’ve ever experienced in my life, and my first time to see snow! No, I didn’t jump up and down with excitement nor go outside to take a selfie. Just stayed buried in my sheets a while longer and turned up the heater

All bundled up!

And made sure to stay bundled up! You can try to guess why I decided to have lunch at the MET steps and why I included those girls in my shot hahaha. Hmmmm.. what show was that from? 😆

Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is the largest museum in the US, housing artworks dating back to pre-historical, Greek & Roman times. The vastness can be overwhelming to some, so if you walk up a few more streets, you can pay a visit to the Guggenheim Museum, and pay as you wish on Saturday evenings at 5:45-8pm (recommended is $10).

Solomon R. Guggenheim 89th & 5th

Solomon R. Guggenheim 89th E & 5th

At present, the spiral interior showcases the works of Kawara, a Japanese artist who lived in New York, Paris & traveled around Europe. Instead of seeing the usual sculptures & paintings of this artist, his conceptual art centers on the passage and marking of time. He would simply paint the date of each day using the language of the country where he was at that moment, in front of which would be the newspaper published that day. On display are postcards which Kawara sent to a couple of friends, daily for a decade, and they simply said “I am still alive” or “I got up at __(time)__”. Basically, Kawara’s work lists information- names of people he’s met, locations of his travels, or the exact time he got up at a certain day, but never details of how he felt, or even what exactly he did that day.


The next day turned out to be a better one in terms of weather- the sun was finally out! I treated Bea out to her favorite restaurant, least I could do for letting me stay at awesome apartment with her flatmates. 🙂 Her source of comfort food is a Japanese restaurant in Nolita which specializes in soba, Cocoron.

Mera Mera Soba & Green Tea Affogato. Both highly recommended!

Mera Mera Soba & Green Tea Affogato

I’m not sure how popular this restaurant is, seems a bit of a hole in the wall, given its size, but I HIGHLY recommend this to anyone going to New York. Yes, Grimaldi’s, Katz Deli, Shake Shack & Halal Guys are most likely already on your bucket list, but you’ve just got to add this one! I’m just about going crazy in this heat, craving for that green tea, red bean, mochi & cornflake goodness. I’ve never been much of a fan of our halo-halo because it tends to have too many ingredients, but this dessert was just perfect for me.


After lunch, Bea went to spin class in Chelsea, so I decided to walk the line in the meantime. The highline is an old repurposed railroad track, spanning 1.45 miles and has been turned into a park.




Walked quite a lot that day, and was lucky to catch the sunset over Brooklyn Bridge.



Aside from being able to see more of this wonderful city, it was great to have spent time with Bea, laugh at our old high school days, discuss how we’ve all grown- we’re all different yet still the same, and how strangely, so many of the people we know have boyfriends haha! Bea and I were close in highschool, having been seatmates for two years. That time, she had a goal of helping me become fit, because I was such a lanky stick back then, and I motivated her to study (what a nerd) hahaha. Shortly after graduation, she moved to New York for college and now she just can’t see herself leaving. I can definitely understand why, I’ve fallen in love with it in that short a time!


Then I asked her where the most hipster place in New York would be, which is when she decided to have dinner in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. True enough, the first few stores I saw were all organic and locally made, and people were clad in true hipster fashion. I even noticed that the Dunkin Donuts was black and gold over there, but apparently that was besides the point. Bea said that caused a big issue there for a while since people in Williamsburg didn’t want any big corporations putting up businesses over there.


We capped off the long day with dinner, drinks and lots of stories in Sweet Chick. Now here’s another restaurant you simply must try! I highly recommend their specialty, Sweet Chick Chicken & Waffle, BBQ Pork Sliders paired with their delicious mac and cheese, and of course, any of their cocktails. A sweet near-ending to my trip to New York, but I swear I will be back here soon! Just love it too much 🙂


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