NEW YORK: Central Park, Sleep No More


Now, if I were given a tough decision to bring home and franchise one cafe or restaurant, I would have my eyes set on Momofuku Milk Bar. It may seem like too simple a choice, but hey, I’m from a hot and humid country, so ice cream & pastries should always be staple. Practicality aside, whoever thought of making cereal milk into an ice cream flavor is a genius. It’s so delicious, I could still remember the taste two weeks later & wish for it to be in Manila. I even know of a group of friends who went here four times during their one week visit to NY. Aside from the cereal milk ice cream (with hot fudge, as you wish!), try the cereal milk milkshake, corn flake cookie or the sinful compost cookie. Heck, try everything 😆


Wanted to go for a more relaxed vibe for my last day in New York so I spent my afternoon exploring Central Park. No better way to unwind than appreciating the beautiful sights & vastness of the park. I even got to witness a proposal by the bridge!


Cherry Hill Fountain (what inspired the fountain in Friends)




Belvedere Castle



The area of the park which is most endearing to me Strawberry Fields. Here, you can find the Imagine mosaic, mounted on what would’ve been John Lennon’s 45th birthday, in front of the apartment where he got shot. But this is the place that I lingered the most because someone was playing Beatles songs. Musicians like him make New York so alive, and they’re just another reason I loved being there.


Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 9.41.18 PM


For my last meal in New York, I had an early dinner at Los Tacos in Chelsea Market. If during your trip, you want to go for something more bang-for-the-buck, I suggest you visit this place! One of the first restaurants you’ll see in Chelsea. The main reason I was back at that side of town though, was for Bea and I to see an Off-Broadway our friends have been raving about, Sleep No More. 

Once I heard about how this play worked, I wanted in on it. Instead of sitting down in front of a stage to marvel at the entire act, this performance let you explore a rundown 1930’s McKittrick Hotel. The audience was given and required to wear white masks, so you could distinguish the actors from the bystanders, making us have a ghost effect. All bags & recording devices were to be surrendered, and upon entry, we were ushered by an elevator man who let one woman out alone on the second floor. Poor one must’ve been initially afraid by the eerie vibe, but it had to be done to demonstrate the point that it’s best to explore the premises on your own.

Because the place creeped us out at first, Bea and I agreed not to part ways. We went from a red-lit room, to a room full of hospital beds to an office cubicle with old parchment paper & gas lamps, until finally we found the actors. Here, the scenes happen simultaneously, and it’s up to you which characters you end up following because they do run around and about. I can recall precisely how we found Lady Macbeth at the latter part of our stay, and she just ran from the second floor all the way up to the fifth using the fire exit staircase.

Oh, I forgot to mention that this play is an adaptation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, but with definitely a lot more movement than dialogue. It was obvious that most, if not all of the performers are dancers. Though I wish I had brushed up a little on Macbeth, Bea and I were still able to recall some scenes and elements from when we took it up in high school. Truly, it was such a unique experience, as I’m sure it turned out to be for those who chose their own adventure.


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