Los Angeles: Palos Verdes & Warner Bros. (Apr 4-5, 2015)

Another perfect reason to visit LA is to be able spend time with my best friend! Since she’s all about fitness now (if you read our exchange of messages on facebook, they’re all about motivating each other to work out and eat healthy), hiking was our chosen agenda for the day. Though there are a lot of beautiful hiking spots around LA, my sister suggested Abalone Cove in Palos Verdes, since it’s also on the list of The OC filming locations.

Before descending the mountain w/ da crazy G!

Before descending the mountain w/ da crazy G!

It was actually more of a walk, than a climb, and that’s coming from someone who doesn’t normally go on hikes. You’d have to park your car first, get down and walk through all these rocks to get below that cliff.

As you can see, the sun was blazing that day, but the wind is cool and dry, which makes it a good day to be out. Just be sure to apply sunblock because the sun is pretty harsh and you wouldn’t wanna get burnt!


Check out that stunning view! 20150405_032454

A few minutes away from this cove, we found the Wayfarer’s Chapel, which is actually where Julie Cooper & Caleb Nichol got married (I swear, this is the last OC reference I’ll make 😆 )


If you ask me, this makes for such a great spot for meditation, right on top of a hill and with a view of the ocean!



The next day was spent exploring back lots & film sets, visiting sound stages and seeing actual props & costumes used in movies and TV shows at Warner Brothers Studio! You could just imagine my excitement being there.

My favorite TV cartoon character as a kid!

My favorite TV cartoon character as a kid!

After buying our tickets at the front desk, near this Bugs Bunny statue, we were grouped into 12, and away we went with our tour guide on one of these golf carts. She drove us around these backlots and would tell us fun facts about which movies/shows were shot in each spot. Though these buildings look real, they’re actually practical sets, meaning you can’t go inside most of them!




Celebrating 75 years of Batman, Warner put up a showcase of the Bat mobile through the years, as well as costumes used in the different films.





Harry Potter fans, including myself, would be delighted to find memorabilia from the films on the second floor. There’s even a sorting hat that tells you which house you belong!

Their clothes from The Deathly Hallow pt 2

Their clothes from The Deathly Hallow pt 2

Mail for Harry flooding the Dursleys'!

Mail for Harry flooding the Dursleys’!

Petrified Hermione!

Petrified Hermione!

Ron Weasley's boggart

Ron Weasley’s boggart

And the geeking out and excitement for me simply does not end there!! I’m pretty sure you can guess which show the couch we’re sitting on is from!


Central Perk is here!

Central Perk is here!

Got to enter the props house as well, where people even from other productions could rent their stuff. Including this fancy pirate!


Why fly your entire cast & crew to New York when you can have it constructed instead?


One of the walls on this corner is where they shot the famous upside-down Spiderman kiss. And this may look familiar to those who are fans of Rent, as well!


If you remember that episode in Friends where Phoebe was running really weirdly through Central Park, flailing her arms and all, this is where they shot it– not in the actual central park!


Based on the amount of photos I took, you can easily tell how much I enjoyed this tour! Though there is one sound studio that we entered that we weren’t allowed to take any photos of, I learned some trivia about the show that’s being shot in it. Apparently, Two Broke Girls is performed in front of a live audience; it doesn’t just make use of canned laughter! Plus, if no one from the audience laughs, the writers would have to come up with another joke on the spot. I was surprised to find that they didn’t shoot it in different rooms, rather, each set was next to each other in a parallel line, and the production made use of only one-camera set up.


After that exciting studio tour, my sister and I were ready to hit the hills! This time, we hopped on an open-air bus and our tour guide pointed out a number of celebrities’ homes, most of which were of course, heavily gated.

Reservoir Dogs director Quentin Tarantino's home

Reservoir Dogs director Quentin Tarantino’s home

The photo above is Quentin’s home, which has a good view of studio city. Yes, the area of Universal Studios, Warner, and Paramount has its own postal code and is its own city!


If the house on the left of this collage looks familiar to you, that’s because it was used as the headquarters for Charlie’s Angels. The one on the top right is Justin Timberlake’s house, which has high-level security because he once got punked there by Ashton, and the one below is Bruno Mars’ house.


And in the left photo of next collage, you’ll find Denzel Washington’s cozy home, probably a personal favorite out of all the big houses I’ve seen during the tour. Although I still don’t understand why he has so many chimneys when LA doesn’t even experience winter. The house I don’t understand the most though, is Justin Bieber’s (right) which is two floors, but has an elevator… talk about lazy!


In loving memory of Robin Williams

In loving memory of Robin Williams

At night, we were supposed to go to the Griffith Observatory, but I decided I could save that for another trip and visit my cousin Yasmin whom I haven’t seen in the longest time, and her adorable son who I met the first time! Such a lovely trip for me to be able to visit family & my best friend!



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