Bohol: The Countryside

It’s becoming quite the tradition for Josh and I to celebrate our anniversary out of town. Last year, we spent it in Conde Nast’s Most Beautiful Island in the world, El Nido.

This time, we celebrated in the Land of the Golden Sun.

Despite having visited Bohol several times in the past, I was certain it would never lose its charm.

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 3.54.33 PM.png

The river cruise took us through the long and winding Loboc River, as we feasted on a buffet of seafood, grilled liempo and gulay. But what really rocked the boat was the man in a straw hat, belting out tunes from The Beatles to Freddie Aguilar’s “Anak,” to “La Bamba,” that got everyone dancing on their feet.

Stopover at the Ati Tribe


I didn’t get the memo on being fierce, Khal Drogo!

While this makes for a great shot (a slow-mo video at that!), I do hope it isn’t detrimental to them. Imagine how many tourists they have to do this for, day in day out… just something to think about!

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 4.26.18 PM.png


clowning around

To balance out the calm, I was then craving for something thrilling! So much to Joshua’s distress, up we went to the Loboc zipline. It was every bit as exhilirating as I imagined, being able spread my arms and fly above the greens & the rushing river.

Josh kept his eyes zip the entire time due to his fear of heights. He refused to take it again on our way back, and opted for the cable car. I yawned while waiting for our turn because it moved so slowly… krrrooo…

We got on and I was wrong. The pace it went made me appreciate the view even more! I gushed on about the ride then I realized, “Hey, isn’t this scarier for you, since it gives your mind more time to imagine what could happen while we’re up there?” And the whole time Josh wasn’t speaking cause he was completely stunned 😦 poor little boy!! Thanks for accompanying me despite your fear!! biggrin

                             IMG_0277 IMG_0276

Next was a visit to some wide-eyed, nocturnal critters! The last time I was in Bohol, you were allowed to pet, feed and get close to them. Good thing they’ve changed that now. The tarsiers are scattered in the forest, and there’s this pathway for humans with a barrier, so it’s up to you to spot them from afar. Though we did get to take a photo with a tarsier, you’re not allowed to touch them or take flash photography, otherwise they’ll get stressed and have the tendency to commit suicide.


On the way to the chocolate hills, we couldn’t help but make a photo-stop at the Bilar manmade forest. Planting these towering trees began back in 1950’s, when deforestation became a problem due to kaingin, aka. slash and burn farming system.


The forest turned out to be pretty bad-ass if you ask me! I hope for more efforts like these to help lessen pollution, especially in the city.

Speaking of bad-ass, what better way to get a glimpse of the Chocolate Hills than by getting off-road?!




Riding ATV was the highlight of the day! We highly recommend this. It was my first time driving a four-wheeler, and I admit to being a bit nervous at the start, since we had to cross the road with lots of cars passing. But shortly after, we were on our own with the tour guide on his motorcycle, taking an awesome video of us! We sped along the countryside, spotting some goats and cows, surrounded by trees, and the Chocolate Hills, no less.


We also enjoyed our view from the top, by climbing what seemed to be 100 steep and tiny steps. IMG_0381.jpg


trying to copy me daw!

The day was drawing to a close, and we were ready to retreat to our hotel, but our driver made on last stop- the butterfly garden. Check out this gorgeous glass-wing butterfly!


While the two on the right are actually doing it. All day, even while they’re flying. (Our funny guide called it “helicopter style” haha). And then the girl proceeds to eat the male or he just dies. Welcome to the insect world! lol


Warning: cheesy shots to cap off the day. Sorry not sorry, but our guide insisted! razz


IMG_0423IMG_0434                                                                  IMG_0436

This one however, takes the cake! Now I leave you with this image:



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