Bellevue Bohol


Our last two days in Bohol were spent making the most of our hard-earned vacation by lounging around in Bellevue. Just a little back story on why I chose this place: a few years ago, I was part of the team who created their web and in-room video ad. It was one of my first projects as an assistant director, but even to this day, it’s on that list of favourite shoots and works I take pride in.

We set up Bellevue Manila to be the grand, luxurious hotel for the lady, while the B Hotel, for the hustling business man. Then, the two characters spent their honeymoon in Bellevue Bohol, frolicking along the shore, taking a boat out to see some fish, and having a romantic dinner set up by the resort with some fire dancers to boot. I’ll let the video speak for itself:

Even if we stayed there as their crew that time, we still felt like we were on vacation.  Their rooms were very comfortable- we slept like babies on their comfortably cushioned beds after days spent under the sun, shooting. They would greet us with comfort food for working our butts off. To top it off, the resort staff was hospitable, cheerful and ready to help in any way.

I’ve always wanted to come back since then, so our 2nd anniversary was the perfect opportunity. Following them on Instagram gave me leads to a bunch of their promos. We got to grab our 4D3N stay for around 20k for both of us, which is not bad at all, considering their original rates and free breakfast.

Speaking of breakfast, their buffet was a delicious smorgasboard of pancakes, breads and cheeses, creamy potatoes, stuffed tomatoes, and the crispiest, best bacon ever! Aside from breakfast, you also get one hour free use of the kayak, which I suggest to use it in the morning during high tide.


I do have to warn you that the water far out is teeming with seaweed. That’s probably why they put up a T-shaped floating platform. Given the amount of seaweed, not to mention the possible sea urchins latched on to them, Alona beach seems to be more condusive if you want to swim far. Otherwise, the shore’s still pretty neat- you can swim up to a certain point without being bothered, and the sand is white and fine.


We’d switch it up swimming from the beach to the pool, playing with sand to playing billards, and eating to our heart’s content.

Bellevue is the perfect paradise to unwind and be away from it all. I would highly recommend this place to anyone visiting Bohol, seeking tranquility, and quality time with family, friends or a loved one.




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